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Jr. Estimator / Project Manger
This is an Entry Level Position. Candidates Must Possess a Degree in Construction Management or Construction Technologies with a Minimum 2.7 GPA. Work Experience is not Required. Will Train Right Person with Construction Degree. Full Time. We Offer Competitive Pay, Benefits Package with 401K

Skilled labor position, already familiar with the methods and techniques of construction. Performs basic manual labor tasks, responsible for following specific directions from immediate supervisor. Must be able to work well with others. Will be required to use a wide variety of small hand tools and occasionally operates small pieces of equipment.

Operator 1
More experienced operator. Responsible for operating and maintaining smaller pieces of equipment, such as skid loaders, backhoes, dump-trucks, tractors, mini-excavators. Has limited experience with equipment, but understands how to safely operate and work around people. Has a good understanding of equipment maintenance requirements and safe operation.

Operator 2
Highly skilled operator. Capable of operating everything on the job, including dozers and large excavators. Sets the example for other operators to follow, and assists the superintendent in monitoring all equipment operation on the job. Performs a wide variety of tasks and accomplishes them with little supervision.

Very experienced crew leader. Someone who has a general understanding of every process in golf course construction. Communicates directly with superintendent and assistant superintendent. Participates in decision making and goal setting. Ability to operate equipment at the operator III level. Monitors quality, safety, and production goals. Ability to supervise several groups and resolve problems independently. Bi-lingual preferred.

More experienced, capable of running larger projects. Oversees project

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